An Experiment in growing American Chestnuts


This is a page to describe my actions and results with growing American Chestnuts. I'm not trying to create any sort of definitive reference here. There are much better sites already on the net. I'll put in URLs for the sites I've used, but if you're truly interested in finding information, Google is your friend.
  1. Back Story: How I got started with Chestnuts
  2. Feb 5, 2007: Seeds arrive
  3. Feb 5: Planting Procedure
  4. Feb 12: Dead seed
  5. Feb 17-19: Some Sprouts
  6. Feb 21: Why Techies shouldn't have toys
  7. Mar 6: Plant 7 more seeds
  8. Mar 12: First new seedling appears, leaf bleaching
  9. Mar 18: Coping with yellow leaf


More details as they happen...