Apple OS/X Bundle Maker

What it is

The makeBundle program creates a Macintosh OS/X style application bundle with the icons and executables in a nice Mac-Friendly zip file.

You need to create the .icns file outside this application. You can create the icons file on a Mac using Icon Builder.

makeBundle runs from a GUI (as shown to the left), or from a command line.

I use makeBundle to make the Mac distributions of my Tcl applications. I do this on a Linux box using a StarPack.

Once you've created the definition file (using the GUI, or editing the template), makeBundle can be put into a Makefile with an entry like this:      vfsBase ${SRCS} $(HTMLLIB) 
        sdx wrap makeBundle.mac  -runtime \
        mv makeBundle.mac MACmakeBundle
        makeBundle bundlemaker.def
        zip -r

How To Run

  • Download the appropriate file for your system.
  • Put it onto a desktop.
  • Perhaps uncompress it, depending on what your browser does for you.
  • Run it.

Get It Here

Techie Details

This application is about 400 lines of Tcl/Tk code.
It's packed with StarPack.